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  FROMM AMERICA provides pickup from your door in the USA, and then ships to your desired airport of destination (door to port).
  Air freight obviously provides you with the quickest transit time. However, it's interesting to note what is needed ASAP: we've shipped everything from garbage cans to Tokyo, sports cars to Qatar, and Vanilla Ice cream to Manila.
  Regular Air-Freight: Any non-hazardous shipments of 100 KGS (Kilograms) or more can be forwarded on passenger* and cargo aircraft.
  Over-Dimensional Air-Freight: These shipments can be handled on cargo-only freighters, or charter of special aircraft where you can drive a truck right onboard.
* NOTE:Any air-freight shipments being forwarded on passenger aircraft requires a Shipper's Security Endorsement and photo identification from the individual/company which packed the goods. This document is required as per FAA regulations.

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