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  FROMM AMERICA is your source for export shipping services from the USA. Your international shipments (commercial or personal) demand the attention of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We choose the best methods & modes of transport to accomplish your shipping goals. We work with the best carriers to handle your export in accordance with your requirements.
  Never forget that proper documentation is also required for exporting! We handle this according to all federal regulations to make sure that you as the exporter are in compliance with the laws of the USA. Remember, freight moves on paper. If you have the right documentation goods flow faster and more efficiently. We also handle complicated Commercial shipments involving letters of credit.
  Exports are not the only international shipments we handle. We have agents in most countries to arrange shipping for your imports to the USA. We can arrange customs clearance and final delivery to you when your shipment arrives at the port of entry.
  FROMM AMERICA is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission, and as such is duly authorized to carry on the business of providing freight forwarder services to facilitate shipment via an oceangoing common carrier from the United States, its territories or possessions to foreign countries. FMC License #4080F.

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